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Access to treatment

Talking and listening together to make healthcare better

03/19/2012 | Clodagh Miskelly

Discussing healthcare in a Beyond Consultation workshop - Andrew Testa | Panos London

Panos London, working with Naz Project London, is pleased to announce a new publication – Beyond Consultation: a guide for health commissioners.

Beyond consultation: a guide for commissioners

03/12/2012 | Rob Safar

Doctor Marita Koumettou with a patient at the Dukes Avenue Practice, an NHS doctor's surgery in North London - Andrew Testa | Panos Pictures

Bringing service users and health staff together to shape and improve services and to identify and test practical changes is no easy task, but it is a valuable process.

Hunger rife among India’s tribal children

02/15/2012 | Divya Gupta

Anita feeds her 18 month old malnourished daughter Rajni at the nutritional rehabilitation centre in the pediatric ward at Maharani Laxmibai Medical College in Jhansi - Sanjit Das | Panos Pictures

A new Save the Children report claims that half of all children in India are stunted from malnutrition, with many going without food entirely. Divya Gupta visited tribal communities in Madhya Pradesh to discover what it means not to have enough food.

No one here escapes malaria

02/10/2012 | Kaidia Samaké

Village women listen to an educational talk regarding the dangers of female circumcision - Alfredo Caliz | Panos Pictures

Kaidia blogs about health issues for the children of Mali, from malaria to female genital mutilation.

Making pregnancy safer in Mali

02/01/2012 | Kaidia Samaké

Kadia Keita, a local midwife, is pictured with some of the babies that she has helped to deliver at the health centre in Bomau village - Abbie Trayler-Smith | Panos Pictures

Kaidia talks to us about pregnancy in Mali – the risks and the changes that are helping to improve the health of mothers and children.

Panos London coverage on World AIDS Day

12/05/2011 | Panos London

Purple Romero features in SvD on 2-12-2011

To mark World AIDS Day, Panos London produced a set of features on the issue of HIV and AIDS. They offered readers insights into the experiences of people living with, fighting against and being educated about the global epidemic.

The story of an HIV widow

12/01/2011 | Takhelchangbam Ambravati

A person living with HIV in Manipur, northeast India, makes ribbons for World AIDS Day

A woman had been married for just five and a half months when her husband died. While going through his possessions after his death, she found documents which showed that her husband had been HIV positive for a long time and was even taking antiretroviral (ARV) drugs.

We can be proud of what we’ve achieved

11/09/2011 | Panos London

An educational programme in Soshanguve township in Pretoria, South Africa which teaches vulnerable young people about HIV while improving their footballing skills. Panos London's HIV interventions are based on understanding who is vulnerable to HIV and why. Robin Hammond | Panos Pictures

As part of our 25th anniversary series, Martin Foreman tells us about Panos’ work on HIV and AIDS – how he became involved and the work that helped shape the global approach to the epidemic.

Sun’s rays power Kyrgyz hospitals

07/05/2011 | Komila Nabiyeva

Mountainous territory and poor infrastructure means electricity supply in Kyrgyzstan is erratic / Chris Sattlberger - Panos London

From next month, five hospitals in remote mountainous provinces of Kyrgyzstan will start using solar panels to transform the sun’s rays into clean energy and hot water. Komila Nabiyeva spoke to the Kyrgyz delegation at the recent UNFCCC climate change talks in Bonn to find out more about the project

Free treatment for pregnant women

06/17/2011 | Takhelchangbam Ambravati

Pregnant women in Manipur visit the doctor for check-ups

Part of my role as a grassroots worker is to know about the various government schemes that women in Manipur can get help through. Most of the time the women themselves know very little about them.

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