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“Meat and soda – that’s all we want for Christmas”

12/23/2010 | Machrine Birungi

A butcher in Kampala finds sales hard as the falling value of the Ugandan shilling forces meat outside of many Ugandans' budget / Machrine Birungi - Panos London

Machrine Birungi offers a tour of the financial problems that are effecting ordinary Ugandans as they prepare for Christmas this year. From the price of soda, meat and vegetables it may be a smaller celebration for many in 2010 as their shillings drop in value on the global market.

Climate change and livelihoods

12/21/2010 | Panos London

A fisherman works near the village of Gunjur, Gambia. Climate change may cause problems for people dependendent on fishing / Gary Calton - Panos pictures

Overview This week world leaders are meeting at the United Nations’ climate change summit to discuss the best ways to mitigate the effects of climate change. Current research indicates that it will be people living in developing countries that will bear the brunt of climate change. This topic guide offers insights for journalists interested in…

When every drop counts

12/08/2010 | Servaas van den Bosch

A Xu Bushman boy plays in his army-base home / Paul Weinberg - Panos Pictures

A report from Nambia where people are suffering from drought, that looks at ways that people are adapting to the problem.

Feeling the pinch: impacts of the financial crisis on developing countries

11/12/2010 | Panos London

New research highlights some of the impacts that the global financial crisis is having on developing countries. Here unemployed people queue for their unemployed insurance fund (UIF) in Elizabeth, South Africa / James Oatway - Panos pics

Overview According to recent studies it is the world’s poorest who will be hit hardest by the global recession. There have been many reports on how developed countries have been affected by the current financial crisis, but new research, which has come out in the past few months, has shown how the global downturn is…

A simple vision: to light up Africa

07/27/2010 | Geoffrey Kamadi

A bicycle wheel, an assortment of mirrors and a ball of string seem unlikely components for a piece of cutting edge green technology. But this unwieldy-looking ‘solar concentrator' is the latest product of a renewable energy revolution spreading across Kenya.

The importance of communication

07/20/2010 | Panos London

Bangladesh: A village woman is talking to her husband from the cell phone of Rabia Begum, who runs a small business where she lets villagers use her cell phone for a nominal fee / G.M.B. Akash - Panos Pictures

Murali Shanmugavelan, head of Panos London's Information Society programme, talks briefly about the role of communication technologies and their impact on citizenship in this think piece ahead of the IAMCR's 2010 conference in Braga, Portugal.

Female migrants’ isolation heightens HIV risk in Cambodia

07/12/2010 | Tania Ghosh

Cambodia | Pov, who is HIV positive, and her mother sit at home. A new study claims that the social isolation and poverty that female migrant workers suffer increases their risk of HIV infection / Karen Robinson - Panos Pictures

Female garment workers in Cambodia who have migrated to the capital are more exposed to a risk of HIV infection because of the changes in their social and economic circumstances, a new report claims.

Limpopo goes hungry as climate change bites

06/11/2010 | Panos London

Limpopo is one of the poorest provinces in South Africa with a rural population of 89 per cent with a relatively high illiteracy and unemployment rates. It is the epicentre of South Africa's hunger but the government is responding with painful slowness.People rely heavily on agriculture for household food security. Growing malnutrition has led to reports of disease-related deaths among young children weakened by hunger. Drought has also weakened the animals and many died from hypothermia during the recent rains. The three cows dozing near to Masondo are the only ones left after more than 13 of her herd died during the droughts of the past four years. This, for her, was like losing part of her body as she used these cattle to plough her land, plant her crops and ferry her products from the field to the market. The area as a whole, she says, lost "thousands of cows." Credits: Fidelis Zwomuya - Panos London

It has barely rained for nearly six months, last season’s scant corn harvest is exhausted and children face hunger. The people in Limpopo’s Sekhukhune district in South Africa are now putting their hope in God and government handouts.

Communication leads to more equal roles in the home

06/07/2010 | Tania Ghosh

A family in their home in Honduras. A new education programme is helping women negotiate more equal roles in the home / Sean Sprague - Panos Pictures

An education programme focussing on communication skills is helping rural women in Honduras negotiate equal roles in the home, says a researcher.

From poacher to gamekeeper

06/04/2010 | Eugene Kwibuka

A mountain gorilla in Rwanda / Eric Miller - Panos Pictures

In Rwanda a conservationist realised that the only way to stop poachers would be to offer them an alternative to poaching. So he helped them to become gamekeepers.

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